7 Tips to DIY bathroom renovation

1. Tiles
Renovating your bathroom starts with looking for that perfect tile to make your bathroom dream a reality, the tile choice will help in determining paint colour and accessories. Before heading out on your search for tiles you need to set a budget, determine your square meter space and scout for specials. Specials can mean finding your perfect tile within your budget. Ask for tile samples to check the colour of the tile in your own home before making a decision, lighting set-ups will differ and can affect the colour. The final sample will also assist with picking paint colour and accessories.

2. Bath
When choosing your bath there are many factors to consider, such as: length, style and purpose. Look for a good combination between form and function. Consider the look you want to establish in your bathroom and decide on a style and colour of bath you would like. Ask the important question will the bath be a focal point? If so choose one that attracts the good kind of attention. Lastly it is important to test the bath for length and comfort when it’s on the showroom floor before making your purchase.

3. Basin
When looking at basins consideration of form and function should be key, ask questions such as: will water spill or splash over? Will cleaning be easy? Take account of the type of basin you want, will it have a cabinet to cover the drainpipes or will it be a pedestal? The height and width should be directly influenced by the size of the bathroom. Keep a consistent flow within the bathroom by having shape and design similarities between your bath and basin. When picking out taps keep in mind compatibility and consistency.

4. Taps
Before proceeding with plumbing you would need to finalise your tap choice, as you might redo what’s already been done. Choosing your tap design consider your budget and compatibility with your bath and basin. Test taps in store to find the feel you would like, be sure to find a solid and smooth working tap.

5. Shower
Determine the shower type, size and shape before making your purchase. A repeat in the tiles in the shower, mosaic look or accent tiles/colours can draw your eye and create a focal point.

6. Toilet
Match the relative shape of the toilet to other room features, for instance if your basin and bath are square an oval shape will disrupt the consistency. An expensive looking toilet can be found within a good price range, choose one that will hide drainpipes and doesn’t have huge gaps and joins between the seat and other areas.

7. Accessories
Accessorising your bathroom will create the finishing touches that will make a bathroom feel homely and comforting. Things to consider are colour, design and space. Having too many accessories in a small bathroom can overcrowd and give a cramped feeling. Be sure to choose your towel rails before tiling, as heated rails need electricity to run through them. Accessories such as towels, mats and baskets can be changed seasonally to freshen up a neutral bathroom.

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