DIY Branch Lamp

Invite nature into your home with this surprising twist – a branch lamp! Whether your house has a casual, rustic or even modern style, a branch lamp can look great and complement any home. Today we’re looking at how you can make your own.

What you need:

  • 1 dry branch
  • Light socket
  • Plain lamp shade
  • Light bulb
  • Extension cord

What to do:

  1. First you must decide whether you want a floor lamp or a table lamp. Once you know that, you need to cut it down to your desired size using a handsaw.
  2. If you decided on a table lamp, use a drill with a long drill bit and drill down the middle of your branch. Your hole should be big enough so that your light socket can fit in snugly. If your lamp is to be a floor lamp and your branch therefore too long to drill all the way through, drill as deep as your drill bit will allow. Measure it depth and then drill in from the side of your branch, which will be the back of your lamp at the bottom of your drilled well.
  3. If you need a base, cut a wood base to size in whatever shape you desire. If your branch is thick and stable enough to stand upright without a base, then you can leave this part; just add some felt at the bottom.
  4. Using a base? Trace the shape of your branch’s bottom out onto your base with a pencil and carefully cut the shape out with a jigsaw. Your branch will ultimately rest in this space.
  5. If your lamp is to be a table lamp, drill a hole for your cord to go through on the side of your wooden base.
  6. Again, for a table lamp, make a groove at the bottom of your branch for your cord to fit in snuggly.
  7. Cut the end off your cord using diagonal pliers.
  8. If your lamp is a table lamp with a wooden base, feed your cord through the hole you drilled in your wooden base earlier. Then fit your branch into the space that you cut and feed the wire up the hole you drill trough your branch.
  9. If your lamp is a floor lamp with a hole at the back, feed your cord through that and up to the top of your branch. You can also fit your branch in the base.
  10. When placing your branch into the base, make sure to use wood glue to secure it in place.
  11. Cut your cord’s end down the middle where the seam is and strip the end of the wires.
  12. To attach the cords to the light socket, take it apart and slide the cord into the bottom piece. Now loosen the screws slightly and wrap each end of your stripped wire onto each screw. Finally, tighten the screws again.
    Now slide all the remaining socket pieces back in place.
  13. Push your sock into place on your branch so it fits snugly then gently pull on the cord on the other end of your lamp to straighten it out inside your branch.
  14. Place in your bulb and lampshade and there you go! Now all your need to do is plug it in and switch it on.
  15. Enjoy!

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