DIY Depot Dream Card

DIY Depot Dream Card

Infinite rewards from your quality hardware depot.

What is a DIY Depot Dream Card?

The DIY Depot Dream Card is our loyalty programme that allows you to earn CashBack for every Rand, every time you shop at your nearest participating DIY Depot store. Every time you swipe your Dream Card when paying at the till, you receive money back to you. The more you swipe, the more cash you receive, and the more you can spend. Start earning your CashBack today!

How to Use Your DIY Depot Dream Card

  1. Your card earns CashBack Rewards every time you use it at DIY Depot or a Dream Card Partner. Simply pay the way you prefer: cash, credit card or with the accumulated CashBack Rewards on your card.
  2. The receipt produced will show your CashBack Rewards and the amount of the purchase you have just made, together with the remaining balance of your CashBack. You may now use your CashBack Rewards to purchase anything your heart desires.
  3. To get a statement of all your transactions and the current balance on your card, call 0861 663 111 or visit Alternatively, SMS ‘bal’ and your DIY Depot Dream Card number to 41534 to receive your latest CashBack balance! Eg. bal 123456789 – SMS’s charged at R2 per SMS.

Benefits of a DIY Depot Dream Card:

  • It’s FREE and you save thousands every year simply by swiping your loyalty card when paying at the till at any of the participating Dream Card stores.
  • You earn up to 2.5% CashBack in your pocket and have an unlimited amount of swipes, redeemable at any time.
  • You stay in the know about our exciting promotions, handy DIY hints and tips and more.

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Our Dream Card Partners:

Shop at any of these retail outlets and earn your instant CashBack when you swipe your Dream Card at the till at any of our partners below:

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