DIY Resin Tray

Resin is all the craze right now and for good reason! It can be used in so many DIY & craft projects and is super simple to use. They whole family can give it a try!

Resin is an excellent adhesive that can be used to make plastics, durable castings like flooring, countertops and more.

Do you want to create your own wood resin tray?

You will need:
– 1x tray (size, shape of your choice)
– Epoxy Resin kit

– Epoxy pigment colours (pick 3 or 4 colours that compliment one another)

– Glitter flakes (optional)

– Small mixing bowls

– Heat gun

Follow the simple steps below:

1. Place your tray on a flat surface and ensure that the inside of the tray is clean and has no residue.

2. Mix your Epoxy Resin kit out to the right consistency. 

3. Measure out your colours in small mixing bowls.

4. Pour your Epoxy Resin mix into your tray as levelled as possible.

5. Scatter your glitter flakes (optional) and pour your chosen Epoxy pigment colours into your Resin mix.

6. Using your heat gun, scan over your Resin mix and allow your Resin mix to move into different ways. This way you can control the design of your Resin mix and how it will harden/set. 7. Allow to dry for approximately 24 hours.
8. Once your tray has completely dried, place your favourite belonging onto your tray. From plants, books, orniments and so much more!

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