Fire Safety Tips

Whether you’re cooking, have a heater on or the fire going, it’s a hazard – are you prepared if things don’t go as planned? Especially for the colder months, it’s all about keeping you and your family warm and cosy, ensure that you’re well aware of the dangers of an open flame in your home.

A small fire can spread throughout your home in less than 30 seconds, if a fire should start and you don’t have a fire extinguisher there are a few things you can do to put it out and prevent it spreading. These tips are ideal for minor or small fires.

Cooking fires – Put growing flames out with a damp cloth or towel, never use water as this allows oil to burn more easily as it spread oil out over a larger space and can explode, causing more damage. Bicarbonate of soda in large quantities is also a common household product that you can throw directly onto the flames to put it out or calm it down. Never use flour as it is highly flammable and will only make it worse.

Electrical Fires – The same as an oil fire, electrical fires cannot be put out with water, it will cause the flames to grow. Before you try put any flames out, unplug the device/appliance to stop the production of heat. Fire blankets are another great item to keep in your home should you not have access to a fire extinguisher. Bicarbonate of soda can be used as well in this case to lessen the larger flames.

Paper and furniture or garden and outdoor – Other than oil/fat or electric fires furniture and general paper fires can be put out with water. Fill a bucket and throw water directly on the base of the fire to help eliminate larger flames.

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