How to build a Wooden Fence

Make a lovely homemade wooden fence for your garden. Decide on your own specifications according to this project and tailor make your fence to suit your garden.

What you will need:

  • Wood

    • Sturdy wood for ends posts and other posts
    • Stringers (both vertical and horizontal) cut to the size of your choice
  • Spades
  • Cement
  • String
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Waterproof Sealant or varnish


  1. Determine what height you would like your fence at and buy wood appropriately.
  2. Soak the ends of all posts (where it will go into dirt) in linseed oil or a sealant.
  3. Set your end posts, usually along corners of the fence or in places where you know you will need extra support.
  4. Dig deep holes for these poles, about 75cm deep. Ensure that this will be stable enough to support the rest of the fence structure. If soil is very moist or lose consider digging deeper holes.
  5. Place the end posts in the holes and fill around the holes with dirt and cement. Ensure they are all the same height before completing packing the hole with cement. Allow cement to set
  6. Use string to pull a builder’s line from one post to the other ensuring that the string is of equal height about the ground.
  7. Dig holes for each in between “vertical” post and space them about 2.4m apart. Ensure equal height and seal with dirt and cement again.
  8. Nail stringers horizontally from post to post, spacing 3 out equally and parallel to each other.
  9. Screw in the the vertical stringers on top of the 3 horizontal ones – spacing them out equally and screwing them in, in 3 places where it meets the horizontal stringers.
  10. Paint your new fence with a waterproof sealant or varnish and voila you have a lovely new fence for your garden.

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