How to drill larger sized holes

Buying screws can be an overwhelming experience when you are a beginner to DIY. Pre-determining the purpose of the screws you are purchasing can make the process easier. The various purposes can be assigned by the shape and length of the screw.

  1. When larger holes for fitting switches or pipes are required it is best to ensure you have the correct tools before proceeding. Therefore special drill bit shapes and materials are required.
  2. For softer materials such as wood, fibre boards or soft plastic, an impact drill and special accessories known as hole cutters or hole saws are required to ensure a smooth work flow.
  3. Harder surfaces require a tungsten-carbide multi-purpose drill bit, this drill bit is recommended for drilling into the following materials: stone, tiles, hard woods, and coated boards.
  4. Higher frictional forces between the material and drill bit are present when drilling into harder materials. It is recommended to use water to keep the holes cool when drilling into tiles or concrete.
  5. A metal surface can be cooled down with lubrication such as a special emulsion, lubricating paste or using machine oil when drilling.
  6. Safety precautions should be taken before continuing with drilling large holes, the larger the circumference of the drill bits means the greater force during drilling. Prevent safety hazards by making use of an auxiliary handle, as modern drills are difficult to control when the drill bits jam.

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