How to guide on buying screws

Buying screws can be an overwhelming experience when you are a beginner to DIY. Pre-determining the purpose of the screws you are purchasing can make the process easier. The various purposes can be assigned by the shape and length of the screw.

  1. For wood or wooden materials a countersunk head screw would be the preferred choice, this screw can be countersunk flush with the surface.
  2. Round head or Fillister head screws are recommended for securing fittings, signs and strips. They can also be used for furniture manufacturing.
  3. For fitting work in wooden beams the preferred screws to be used are cylindrical or hexagonal heads, used in the socket of a screw wrench.
  4. Carriage bolts can be recognised by the round head with a square section under the head, preventing a bolt from twisting when tightening the nut. Carriage bolts can only be loosened from the nut side. Recommended use and required for woodworking.
  5. Before starting any DIY be sure to use the correct screwdriver or wrench for the intended use. Using the wrong size or shape can make it difficult to remove fitted screws and can result in stripping the screw.

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