So, you’ve got old furniture that needs a fresh coat of paint but you don’t know where to start. When removing stubborn paint there are a few things that you need to consider before slapping on a paint stripper. From prep to finish, here’s how we suggest you do it:

  1. CLEAN IT: Ensure that the surface of the item that you are removing paint from is spotless, give it a good clean and see what you’re left with – sometimes you just need to clean dirty, heavily waxed surfaces.
  2. REMOVE HARDWARE: Remove all hardware like nails, screws and knobs.
  3. SANDING: Giving your piece a light sand might help reduce the amount of paint that is on the surface.
  4. SAFETY FIRST: Don’t forget your safety gear! Gloves, glasses and a mask are all ideal safety items to use when painting with stripper. It can be damaging to your lungs, eyes and skin.
  5. PREPARE THE SPACE: Drop down some tarp, old newspaper or plastic sheets to protect your floors.
  6. SLAP ON THE STRIPPER: Now that your item is clean and lightly sanded, douse all areas that you want paint to be removed with a good quality paint stripper.
  7. SMALL SPACES: Make sure that any crevices and carved sections are well covered too.
  8. HOW LONG? Leave it! Don’t try remove the paint too soon – read the instructions on the can – don’t leave it for any less than the stipulated time. Usually about 20-30 mins.
  9. USE THAT ELBOW GREASE: Using steel wool, a plastic/metal scraper, old toothbrush or a wire brush, scrape off paint once it has softened (be careful not to scratch and damage the wood by pressing too hard).
  10. CLEANING UP: Now that most or all of the paint is removed, you can sand again for a smooth finish or simply clean off left over dust and debris. Your item is now ready for a fresh coat of paint!

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