The guide to bedroom paint colours

When it comes to redecorating, one of the first things to change is the existing paint colour, but the question is “what should I use”? If you wish to play it safe and don’t want to feel that adventurous, choose a neutral palette of colours and incorporate different undertones to create a break in the contrast.

There are a few things you may consider when deciding on the perfect colour. Work with patterns in the items you own. For example, if you perhaps have a favourite piece of artwork or rug, try play with the colours in these to complement the colours in of these items.

If your room is decorated in a specific style, use these themes to choose colours that are associated with these palettes of colour. For example when you look at cottage inspired bedrooms, they usually have cheerful colours, including pastels, mid-tones and white. It is unlikely to have darks, neon or metallic colours. Tuscan-inspired bedrooms usually exude colours of sun-kissed tones like terracotta, gold, olive or browns as primary colours. Minimalist bedrooms typically have simple palettes such as white, black and grays. Coastal bedrooms are usually inspired by the ocean itself, including blues, greens along with colours of orange, red or green accents. If you are a tropical fan, colours that are cheerful such as yellow, orange, green or salmon pink complement the theme.

Every bedroom based on aspects such as lighting and size should also play a big role in the decision-making stage. A small room should be encouraged by a bright colours to avoid making the room appear smaller, the opposite applies to large rooms, here you have more freedom to play with colour and in essence create a warm feeling for open space.

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