Eco Tips: Advantages of Harvesting Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting can be a costly and timely process when starting out, however in the long term it has great returns, cost saving potential and reduces strain on the environment!

In simple terms rainwater harvesting can be described as a process or technique of collecting, filtering and storing rainwater for various purposes where water is required. Here is a guide to harvesting rainwater for your home and its advantages:

  1. There are many different systems on the market for harvesting rainwater easily and sufficiently. Make sure to do thorough research into what your needs are and what system would suit them best.
  2. Research rainfall levels in your area to deem the process viable for your needs. As the process might not be sustainable in areas with low rainfall areas.
  3. Collaborate your rainwater harvesting efforts with systems that reduce water wastage.
  4. To capture rainwater it is recommended to use a sloping metal roof so the rainwater can run into the water tanks without being absorbed or wasted.
  5. Some roof types can seep chemicals, insects and animal droppings, which can be harmful to plants.
  6. Rainwater is best used for irrigation and household use but not as drinking water.
  7. Maintaining your storage tanks on a regular basis will prevent insects, rodents and algae from making it their breeding ground.
  8. Harvesting rainwater helps reduce flooding and soil erosion. Collecting water from heavy rains in the storage tanks will help prevent floods in low-lying areas.
  9. Rainwater is free, renewable and sustainable.
  10. When harvesting water be sure to skip the first rain, as the water will contain pollutants and pesticides. Wait for the subsequent rains before starting your water collection.
  11. To treat or purify rainwater to use for cooking or drinking add alum and chlorine and boil preferably with a solar cooker as they use a natural energy source.

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