How to guide to picking floor coverings

Flooring is divided into two main categories: Textile and Non-textile flooring.

  1. Textile
    Textile flooring includes woven and knitted rugs, carpets (wall-to-wall) and needle fleece.
  2. Non-textile
    Non-textile flooring is a vast range of flooring divided into three categories. The three categories are as follows:

    • Elastic Coverings
      PVC, Linoleum and Cork
    • Hard Coverings
      Laminate, Prefabricated parquet, Floorboards and Wooden floors
    • Mineral Coverings
      Natural stones, Terrazzo and Tiles
  3. Deciding on your choice of flooring for the specified area you would like to cover, both purpose of the area and budget should be considered.
  4. For areas such as kitchens and workrooms the most suitable floor covering would be laminate, tiles or linoleum (repellent to mold and warm for your feet).
  5. For bathrooms/showers or under floor heating the recommended flooring coverings are tiles, natural stone or marble. Natural stone and tiles are excellent heat conductors and come in a wide range of colours and textures.
  6. For an economic and easy to clean option laminate flooring is the most recommended. Easy to lay and clean flooring solution that is affordable and looks great.
  7. For cosier areas such as bedrooms and living areas, the use of soft carpets will create a warm and cosy atmosphere. This is a great option for heat insulation, noise reduction and is easy to clean. Good quality carpets woven from natural fibers are more expensive but with good care can last a lifetime.
  8. Subfloors should be prepared accordingly before any floor covering can be laid; in older buildings it is recommended to use underlayment panels to achieve a smooth work surface.
  9. When laying a new floor covering the floor structure should be checked and if improvements are required it is recommended to consult an expert.

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