Organisation made easy!

Organization made easy!

Is clutter overwhelming you? We sometimes don’t recognise how much we bring into our homes, that is why it is important to regularly clear out unwanted and unused items. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when getting started, plus it is great way to get the whole family involved.

When organising seek functionality over form. When it comes to organising your kitchen – add extra bins to your fridge so your items don’t become a muddled mess. Declutter your counter tops and move your kitchen utensils to hang on the wall. Put your cleaning supplies that you frequently use into a carrier

Keep your adult, pet and child medications in separate containers. Store every single cord in your home into one labeled container. Throw all old magazines and donate books you have read. Clear out your wardrobe of clothes they you no longer wear or fit anymore. Sort out linen that is worn out. Recycle old electronics that no longer work.

Keep in mind – if you have items in your home that do not have a purpose or do not make you happy, get rid of it. Visit DIY Depot for even more storage solutions.

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