Financial Information

Financial Information

What does this franchise cost?

There is a once off joining fee of R30,000 plus VAT. This initial fee is to secure your site and is put towards the advice, assistance and training given by DIY DEPOT to assist in establishing this business.

Depending on the model chosen, the initial set up costs range between R850,000 and R2.8 million.

What do I get for my investment?

We offer you the advantages of being part of a larger synergy, while still allowing you to be independent!

The DIY DEPOT Difference offers you:

  1. A strong corporate identity.
  2. A competitive rebate structure.
  3. Affordable monthly franchise fees.
  4. Access to building supplies and cement.
  5. Monthly marketing and advertising programme.
  6. Preferential rental amounts due to our strong alliance with many of the large shopping centre landlords.
  7. DIY DEPOT branded top quality merchandise that puts the DIY DEPOT brand in the home and mind of the user every time they see the product.
  8. 100 + moving billboards in the form of our delivery vehicles constantly visible on all major routes.
  9. Access to a fully-fledged training centre – offering courses in all aspects of hardware store management from finance and back office to IT and product knowledge courses held in all major city centres regularly.
  10. Custom styled uniforms exclusive to DIY DEPOT.
  11. Preferential banking and credit card rates.
  12. Dedicated field staff regularly visiting the stores.
  13. Monthly in-store problem solving sessions.
  14. “SWAT” team at hand ( a hand-picked group of the industry’s finest minds on call in the event of an emergency or a problematic store).
  15. In-house business brokerage – our highly skilled team will endeavour to broker the sale of your existing store to one of our pre-qualified applicants.
  16. Zero cost store conversion – for DIY DEPOT qualifying members, we will cover the conversion costs from signage to uniforms.
  17. Soft financing of all paint tinting and key cutting equipment.
  18. Income statement benchmarking in order to assess the health of your business.
  19. Unique store concepts to accommodate a wide range of store sizes.
  20. National footprint and brand awareness.
  21. Approachable and honest management team.
  22. Proven track record.
  23. Access to funding through various institutions.
  24. In-store financing for your customers.
  25. Dedicated and highly motivated marketing team.
  26. In-house architect to assist with store layout and design.
  27. Shop fitting and layout concept designed by renowned retail layout expert.
  28. IT and inventory expert on hand.
  29. Store conversion testimonies from various existing retailers showing double digit increases in annual sales.
  30. Affiliation with SAPMA (South African Paint Manufacturing Association) and FASA (Franchise Association South Africa) means DIY DEPOT is a responsible, governed organisation to be part of.

Who is ideal for us?

  • The franchisee with the ability and desire to deal well with people.
  • The franchisee who is service driven and quality conscious.
  • The franchisee who is self-motivated and has a good work ethic.
  • The franchisee who values communication and people skills and is prepared to spend time and energy cultivating customer loyalty.
  • The franchisee must be an owner operator.