DIY Marquee Lights

Modern homes can easily become stark and bland, especially if all your furniture are store-bought sets void of any personality and you don’t add any whimsical or interesting décor pieces. Today’s project, DIY marquee lights, shows you how to add a touch of old Hollywood glam to make any room sparkle. Bonus – it’s a light fixture that complements any colour scheme.

You will need:

  • Cardboard letters
  • Globe string lights
  • White spray paint


  1. If you can’t find 3D cardboard letters, you can make your own. Start by drawing the letters on a large enough piece of cardboard and cut it out. Next measure all the sides and cut out strips to from the remaining cardboard. Finally, glue smaller strips of cardboard along the back of your letters with half of it sticking out. Once dry, bend these strips at a 90° angle and glue the sides of your 3D letters that you cut earlier to these strips. Using a matt masking tape, cover all the edges to secure your 3D letters.
  2. Mark where you want each globe to go on your letters and unscrew a light bulb from its backing and trace around the smallest end onto your letters. It needs to be just big enough to fit the bottom of the bulb. Be sure to cater for the exact number of bulbs in your set unless you plan on writing a long message, in which case you might require more than one set.
  3. Using a craft knife, carefully cut an asterisks in each circle and press through it with your finger or a pencil (depending on the size of the holes).
  4. Spray-paint all your letters and let them dry.
  5. Place a light bulb in each hole and crew the backing back on to secure it in place.
  6. Make a notch in the back of each letter for the wire to fit through.
  7. Place your letters on a shelf or table with a stone or small weight in the bottom of each to weigh it down and keep it standing upright.
  8. And you’re done! Enjoy your cool, unique marquee letters!

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