Wall-mounted Pallet Desk

Not all homes have dedicated studies or rooms big enough to fit a full sized desk, so often it is necessary to improvise if you plan on having a workstation in your home. Whether you need a spot to write, play PC games or even place for hobbies, like scrapbooking, this wall-mounted desk is perfect for you.


  • 1 pallet
  • 1 piece of plywood cut to match the width of pallet and fit perfectly between 2 planks on the bottom of the pallet
  • Piano hinges
  • Window sash
  • 2 Steel cables with 4 crimps
  • 4 eye loop bolts


  1. Start by measuring the underside of your pallet. This side usually only has 3 planks across the width of the pallet. Next, get a piece of plywood that is as long as the width of the pallet and which fits perfectly in the space between 2 of the 3 planks.
  2. Sand and stain your pallet and your plywood plank. Remember to wipe away the wood dust after sanding and allowing it to dry completely after staining.
  3. Attach your piano hinges to the pallet. This needs to be along the inside of the bottom of the three horizontal planks.
  4. Now attach the other side of the piano hinges to the side of the plywood plank. Keep in mind that, when closed, the plywood plank needs to be flush with the planks on the pallet.
  5. Attach a small window sash to the pallet and plywood plank, which will then allow you to “lock” the plank in place when closed.
  6. Attach your eye loop bolts – 2 onto the top of your plywood when in the open position and 2 on the inside of the pallet, below the horizontal plank containing the window sash.
  7. Thread your steel cable through eye loop bolts and crimp in place. Cut off the excess cable.
  8. Add attachments to the back of your desk and hang on a sturdy wall.
  9. Done! Now all you need to do is arrange ornaments, books and a lamp to decorate your desk.

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