Eco Tips: Play a part in conservation

Within our communities we all need to play a role in helping protect our fauna and flora. A small contribution within your immediate surroundings can be a perfect start for a beginner.

Conservation will preserve our planet for future generations to experience the beautiful riches we are privileged to experience. In South Africa there are many initiatives and societies we can get involved with as volunteers to help ensure that Mother Nature is protected.

Here are a few tips to play your role in conservation within your community:

  1. Report any incidents of animal abuse or poisoning to the relevant parties. Use natural methods to rid your home of rodents and insects as poison has a domino effect when used. A popular target for snakes, birds and certain mammals, they can be harmful when filled with poison and ingested.
  2. Use natural or eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides. The chemicals in these products pollute the air, water and soil.
  3. Refrain from littering and when you spot any litter play your part to clean it up. Involve your friends and family in cleaning up your surroundings. Litter spreads around and enters the drainage pipes and pollutes rivers and parks. Land and aquatic Animals can get caught, strangled and poisoned by litter that is spread around their environment.
  4. Buy local and eco-friendly products when purchasing groceries. This will uplift your local products and economy. Eco-friendly products will also reduce chemicals being released into the atmosphere.
  5. Stray animals are a common occurrence in any area, take them to your local animal shelter to be cared for and protected from harm. Some of these animals are reunited with their owners or adopted ensuring they go to good loving homes.

We can all contribute to making our environment a clean and green way of living.

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