Make a Square-Shelved Wall Unit

What you will need:

  • SupaWood
    • 300 mm x 1568 mm x 3 (top, central divider and base)
    • 351 mm x 300 mm x 6 (shelf walls)
    • 750 mm x 300 mm x 2 (sides)
  • Hardboard
    • 750 mm x 1600 mm x 1 (back)
  • Wood glue
  • Chipboard screws 6 x 40mm & 6 x 16mm
  • Corner blocks
  • Drill with small drill bit


  1. Join the sides to the top and bottom – use the drill to drill small pilot holes into the top and bottom of the top and base pieces, sink the holes, apply wood glue and then screw the side pieces into the top and bottom pieces. You should now have a rectangle, which will form the shell of the unit.
  2. Use one of the shelf walls to determine the position of the divider piece, make sure it is straight and central, drill pilot holes, sink the holes, apply wood glue and then screw the divider piece into the sides.
  3. You are now ready to start with the shelf walls. The space between each one should be 380mm, measure carefully and make sure each one is spaced correctly and marked off before continuing. From the outside, fasten each shelf with screws. You will need to drill pilot holes and then sink them then apply wood glue all before you insert the screws for the shelves.
  4. Ensure that all shelves are at perfect angles to the side as and parallel to one another. Then use the corner blocks in order to further support them.
  5. Using chipboard screws you will need to attach the back panel on to the unit.
  6. There you go – you now have a lovely shelving unit to enjoy as you wish!

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