Make A Rustic Log Planter Box

Wooden planter boxes look great in most gardens and offer a touch of informal elegance. When it comes to building your own planter boxes, you truly are spoilt for choice. Today we’re looking at how to make your own rustic log planter box!

You will need

  • 7 logs, 2.4m long
  • Landscape cloth or weed barrier
  • Potting soil
  • Mulch
  • Plants of your choice

What to do

  1. To begin, cut your logs down to size. Using a wood saw, cut 5 logs in half, so you have 10 equal pieces. Then saw your remaining 2 logs into quarters (in half and again in half), so you end up with 8 equal pieces.
  2. Start construction by laying out 4 of your longer logs lengthwise and then 2 of your shorter pieces across, 1 on either end.
  3. Using a power drill, secure your shorter pieces to the longer logs beneath it by countersinking and exterior wood screw at an angle into the 4 logs.
  4. Next ad 2 of your longer pieces down lengthwise again to start forming the longer sides of your planter and secure to the 2 shorter pieces below it using exterior wood screws as before.
  5. Continue doing this until your run out of log pieces.
  6. Next, line your box’s inside edges and bottom with the landscape cloth / weed barrier. Secure it in place using craft staples. Leave some slack so that it can support the large volume of soil without tearing.
  7. Now move your planter box to your desired location, as it will be heavy once the soil is in it.
  8. Now fill your box with potting soil and place your plants, tap the soil down firmly and water.
  9. Finally, cover the top layer with mulch.
  10. Enjoy!

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