Painting the Perfect Textured Stripes

Want to make a busy feature wall? Need to liven up a room, but do not know how? Why not try stripes?

Painting the perfect stripe can be difficult if you do not use the right material. In this project, you will learn how to paint the perfect stripe.

What you need:

  • Painters Tape
  • 3 different paint colours of your choice (Tip: choose one neutral colour & one bold colour and for your third colour, pick a different hue of your bold colour)
  • Wide art brush
  • Small art brush
  • Fine point brush
  • Stencil (Choose a shape/design that you like)


  1. Start by painting your entire wall with your first colour choice and let it dry completely.
  2. Using your tape, mark the desired width and size of stripes. You can either choose to make your stripes wide or thin. Make sure they are measured out equally to avoid your paintwork looking uneven.
  3. Once you have marked down your stripes, take your small art brush and load a small amount of paint onto it.
  4. Start painting along the sides of the tape in an inward stroke motion. Try not to paint up and down along the tape, as the paint will have a chance to seep underneath your tape.
  5. Once you have outlined the marked tape you can take your wider art brush and paint in between the these lines to fill in the rest of the stripe. Allow this to dry completely before continuing.
  6. Take your stencil and mark off your stencil design on the wall over your stripes. This will lend a layered look to your stripes.
  7. Once you have marked your wall with the stencil, take your fine point brush with your third colour of paint and paint over the stencil design.
  8. Once the paint has completely dried, slowly remove the tape from the wall to avoid ripping the paint off the wall or smudging the paint if it is not dry.
  9. When the paint has dried you can decorate your wall with your favourite picture frames or artwork.

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