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Save water in the hot summer heat by including mulch in your garden beds. Mulch slows evaporation, preventing soil from being baked dry by the sun and even halts weed growth! DIY Depot has great advice to help you use mulch in your garden perfectly! We’ve got your frequently asked gardening-with-mulch-questions answered.

How much mulch must I use?

Mulch is traditionally laid very thick on the garden bed. Set a layer down between 50mm and 100mm; use a thinner layer for more water penetration and a thicker layer for more sun protection.

What mulch is suitable for my garden?

There are many different kinds of mulch you can use, for example, you can use wood shavings, leaves, thick chunks of bark, hay and even macadamia nut shells. Some mulches hold moisture in well, whilst others fertilise your soil with nutrients while protecting plants. Ask your nearest DIY Depot for the best mulch for your garden’s needs.

What organic mulches can I use in my garden?

Any plant matter is pretty much excellent organic mulch. However, they all decompose at different rates and so your choice, once again, would depend on the needs of your garden. Using macadamia nut shells would decompose very slowly, so this would be an excellent choice for those long, hot summers.

Sugar cane also takes a while to break down, so it’s suitable for longer periods.

Leaves on the other hand will decompose rather quickly and will suit lighter cover, such as cover in the spring months.

What inorganic mulches can I use in my garden?

Pebbles and crushed rock not only decorate garden beds beautifully, but they help save water in a huge way! They have the added bonus of reflecting the sun’s heat too!
Can I use a plant as mulch?

Low growing plants that spread and give the ground a good, dense covering are great at shielding your soil from the searing sun. Plus they halt weed growth. Such plants are excellent options for slopes as they can assist holding soil together to prevent erosion.

Can I Make my Own Mulch?

If you’re cutting down a tree at home, you can certainly use leftover wood (cut into small pieces of chips) as mulch. Just remember to let it dry for about 3 months in order for it to lose its tannins.

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