How to fix broken toilet situations

Toilets can often break or have annoying little problems that can be quite fixable. Learn how to fix some common broken toilet situations with our how to project.

The Problem: The water keeps running; there is a high-pitched, whining noise which stops when you jiggle the handle.

The Solution:

  • Clean the toilet flapper with a scrubbing sponge. Due to being dirty it may not be sealed tightly.
  • Loosen the chain. If it’s too tight this could hold the flapper open.
  • Replace the flapper.
  • Cut back the fill tube so that it sits in the overflow pipe above the water line.

The Problem: The toilet bowl keeps overflowing.

The Solution:

  • There could be a clog. Lift the lid and lift the floating arm or turn off the water supply. If you see a clog clean it.

The Problem: Leaking water under the tank

The Solution:

  • The tank to bowl gasket is more than likely damaged – it is best to replace this part.

The Problem: Leaking toilet bowl

The Solution:

  • The bowl is more than likely cracked. Unfortunately you might have to replace the whole toilet.

The Problem: The toilet won’t flush and you have to hold the handle down constantly to flush.

The Solution:

  • The flapper might be the wrong size and then has to be replaced.
  • The chain might be too loose. Tighten it so that the flapper opens.
  • The tank water level needs to be reset. In order to do this twist or bend the float cup to adjust the water level.
  • The arm may be broken. You may want to replace this.

The Problem: Leaking water around the toilet on the floor with a bad smell or damaged flooring.

The Solution:

  • The wax ring may be damaged – you will need to replace this to reseal the bottom of the toilet.

The Problem: The flapper wears out frequently.

The Solution:

  • You might want to invest in a tank cleaner to help keep the flapper clean, preventing it from wearing out.

The Problem: The tank won’t fill with water.

The Solution:

  • The water supply line might be damaged. If so it will need replacing.
  • The water supply may be shut off – turn this on again.
  • The fill valve might be finished. You might need to replace this.
  • The water supply may be obstructed – for this you will need to call a plumber.

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