Indoor fun with a door swing

Bring the little one’s fun inside when the cold starts creeping in with this great indoor swing DIY project.

*This swing is intended for a child between the ages of one and three. Be sure to check load capability of nylon rope to ensure that it will support your child’s weight.

What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of strong fabric (300mm x 980mm and 200mm and 1060mm)
  • 4 metres of bias tape
  • Sewing machine or seamstress
  • Hard board – 6mm thick, 260mm x 260mm
  • Nylon rope – 5mm thick
  • 4 x 24mm Dowels – each 340mm in length
  • 6mm Wood drill bit
  • Drill
  • 120 and 240 grit sandpaper
  • Tension rod
  • Open rail holders


  1. To start, first assemble the fabric chair. Fold over the edges of both pieces of fabric to create pockets to insert the dowels. Ensure the pockets allow for easy insertion but are snug. Sow the edges to create pockets. Check diagram A.
  2. Cut out holes in the front piece in the correct diameter big enough to fit your child’s legs loosely. Use bias tape around the edges of the holes to create a nice finish. Check diagram B.
  3. Once cutting and sowing is done place A on top of B in a cross like shape and sow together the middle pieces leaving the front open to create a pocket like area.

  4. Insert the hard board into the open pocket area of the seat. Sand the edges if needed to create a snug fit.
  5. Using a drill with the 6mm drill bit, drill holes on each end of each dowel.
  6. Round of the edges of the dowels with the 120-grit sanding paper and smooth out with the 240-grit sand paper.
  7. Once holes have been drilled insert the dowels through the pockets of the seat.
  8. Cut the nylon rope into each lengths of your choice.
  9. Thread one end through the holes of the dowels and secure tightly with a knot.
  10. Tie a noose like knot on the other ends of each piece of rope.
  11. Ensure the seat is level before securing the opposite side.
  12. Fasten your open rail holders into the wall at the correct height on both sides.
  13. Slide the noose like ends of the rope onto the tension rod and secure the tension rod into the open rail holders.
  14. Check for stability and hold. Once perfectly secure. Let the little ones swing away!

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