Kit out your Laundry Room

Even under the best of circumstances, doing laundry can be a chore. Follow our handy storage ideas and tricks to kit out your laundry room and make it less of a chore and more like a pleasure!

Up, Up and Away

Take your storage off the floor and up the wall by mounting shelves or cabinets above your washing machine and dryer. This provides you with a safe place to store any dangerous products, out of reach of children.

Go Down Under

If there isn’t wall space above your washing machine and dryer, you could go under it. Creating storage below your machines can be done by simply putting them on a sturdy shelving unit. Chat to your friendly DIY Depot staff for the best solution.

I Get Around

If your machines are front loading, the space above could easily be wasted. Mount a countertop above your washing machine and dryer to fold clothes and more. If your machines are top loading, you can still do this, but add hinges so you can lift up the countertop when needed. Put some shelves on either side and mount the countertop on top of that.

Hang it Up

Add a rod where you have space to hang up laundry that needs it – collared shirts, dresses, smart pants, etc. This can be inside a cupboard, on the wall, under a shelf, etc.


Place items in groups on different shelves to kick your organisation up a notch. Use each cubby for something else, e.g. guest towels, swimming towels, sheets and more!

Keep it Smooth

A foldout ironing board is a perfect addition to any laundry room as it allows you to iron and fold clothing as soon as the dryer is done.

Air it Out

Don’t have outdoor space for a clothesline? No problem! Simply attach a ladder to your roof using sealing hooks! This doesn’t take up much room when not in use and you can use the ladder when needed around the house. Be sure that your room is well ventilated to avoid mould.


Don’t leave your dirty laundry on the floor! Separate your lights, darks and delicates into separate hampers to keep the space looking tidy.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Make your cupboard a storage supernova by mounting hooks on the inside of the door for your brooms, mops and more, and add shelves inside for all your loose cleaning supplies.

Stack it Up

Your OCD dreams come true! Keep your space organised and tidy by separating loose items into stackable boxes that you can easily put away and access when necessary.

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