Kokedama String Garden

You think you’ve seen everything until one day you walk into your favourite grocery store or nursery and there you spot it – a kokedama! What is it? It’s the latest Japanese craze hitting gardening. We’re sure you’ve made your way over to this alluring item that has captured your gaze, only to have your heart broken upon seeing the price. We’re here with some good news though! You can make these yourself.


  • A small, shadow-loving plant
  • 7:3 peat and bonsai soil
  • Dry sphagnum moss
  • Scissors
  • Cotton string
  • Twine
  • Gardening gloves
  • Water
  • Moss


  1. Gently remove all the soil from your small plants.
  2. If you haven’t mixed your peat and bonsai soil to a 7:3 ratio, do so now and them form small balls of the mixed soil, roughly the size of your fist or a little bigger if you prefer. If needed, add a bit of water to make it more malleable.
  3. Using your finger, carefully push a hole in each ball to accommodate the roots of your plants.
  4. Working gently, wrap some dry moss around the roots of your plants. Using a cotton string, tie it in place.
  5. Insert the plant roots into the holes you made earlier.
  6. Now press moss firmly into the soil – don’t leave any open space around your ball.
  7. Next, wrap your ball in your twine until it is entirely covered – no need to work from one side to the next, do it a bit randomly.
  8. Finally, tie more twine around each ball and hang it up in an interesting space in your house or garden, away from direct sunlight.

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